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#1  Our children are excited to go to school in the morning

#2  We feel secure, knowing that Torah principles guide the school’s every decision

#3  Our children build healthy relationships with their Rebbes, Morahs and Teachers 

#4  Curiosity driven education develops a life-long love of learning 

#5  Our children are frequently assessed rather than traditionally tested 

#6  Classes such as swimming, gardening, and animal care, enrich our children’s education 

#7  Small class sizes promote peer respect and collaboration 

#8  Graduates thrive in their continuing education 

#9  No more fighting over homework 

#10  Our input really matters



#1  I wake up in the morning looking forward to school

#2  Everyone knows my name

#3  My teacher sees me for who I really am

#4  I am important to my class

#5  If I have a problem, there is always someone I can speak with

#6  I feel heard

#7  I have a gym, pool, and plenty of outdoor space to play

#8  I can play with animals during the day

#9  Because I have no mandatory homework, I have more time to do what I enjoy

#10  I feel safe



#1  I receive real support from the administration

#2  My work-life harmony is respected

#3  Instead of grading tests & homework, I have more time to plan creative lessons

#4  Professional development is encouraged and provided

#5  I can develop meaningful relationships with students

#6  There is a wholesome family culture

#7  I am competitively compensated

#8  I build stronger relationships with the parent body

#9  There is a positive and loving work environment

#10  My input really matters

Dedicated to educating the whole child

The Mission Statement of Mizrahi Torah Academy

From kindergarten through eighth grade, Mizrahi Torah Academy is a South Florida Yeshiva day school dedicated to educating the whole child, their mind, body, and spirit, with the ultimate goal of molding lifelong learners who embrace our Mesorah, live with purpose, and positively impact the world around them.

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Our Environment Creates a

Love of Torah & Enthusiasm for Learning

Mizrahi Torah Academy is a Yeshiva Day School designed to develop the next generation of Jewish leaders by molding students into moral, caring, thinking, educated, and contributing members of society. Our school environment creates a love of Torah and Yiddishkeit, an enthusiasm for academic learning, curiosity through experimentation and creative approaches to learning. Through a unique blend of quality academics with interactive chesed projects, we are creating the future leaders of the Jewish community. Here are some of our school highlights:

+ Individualized attention: Class sizes are usually set at 8 students per class, with a maximum of 10 students if a particular class’ dynamics allow for it. This smaller, warm classroom environment promotes independent problem solving and a passion for learning.

+ Mastering Middos: Our weekly focus on a practical Middah utilizing Torah, stories, and parables builds life-long character skills.

+ No Tests or Homework in Elementary School: Our policy reduces unnecessary academic pressure and provides time after school for individual interest development. Lack of letter-grading promotes enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. If a child needs extra support for a particular skill, teachers may work together with the parents in arranging supplemental learning or review at home. Middle school students receive occasional homework to help them prepare for the rigors of high school.

+ Teachable Moments: Our academic program promotes a “seize the teachable moment” philosophy of education which empowers the teachers to mold the classroom experience to meet the needs and interests of the students.

Quality Education in a Smaller Environment

What Defines MTA?

Mizrahi Torah Academy offers the perfect blend of educational and social opportunities for Jewish children, from kindergarten to eighth grade. How can a Jewish day school make the school experience both educational and enjoyable? Schedule a visit to our school where through our unique blend of quality individualized academics, formal and experiential learning, and interactive chesed projects, we have created a collaborative, respectful, and safe environment that nourishes the mind and nurtures the neshama. Mizrahi Torah Academy provides Jewish families the benefits of a quality education in a smaller, student-centered environment, with a unique focus on character development. Our goal is to develop the next generation of Jewish leaders by molding students into moral, caring, educated, and contributing members of society through the prism of the Torah.

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Fosters close relationships and increases student learning.

Learn From
Our Gedolim

Weekly profile of great Rabbinic sages, and how we can learn from their actions.


Individualized attention to create the best possible educational experience for our children.

From Seniors

Learning alongside seniors in a enriching environment, developing respect, social skills & life experiences.


Group-based and individualized teaching and learning strategies that provide the time necessary for students to achieve a high level of understanding in any given subject.

Life Skills

Agriculture, Zoology, Art, Martial Arts, STEM, and more!


Learn what community leaders do in real life, and thank them for their service.


Creating Future Leaders of the Jewish Community

Mizrahi Torah Academy is a school designed to develop the next generation of Jewish leaders by molding students into moral, caring, thinking, educated, and contributing members of society.

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Why Choose Mizrahi Torah Academy

Where We Stand Out

  1. Small Class Size

    By having small class sizes, we can provide individualized attention where no child slips through the cracks or is bored in class. With small class sizes, we can also promote independent problem solving, build confidence, and promote a passion for learning.

  2. Less-Stress Learning

    Mastery of material can be evaluated in ways other than tests. Our teachers constantly monitor student performance to highlight strengths and weaknesses. Our no tests/no homework policy in elementary school reduces unnecessary academic pressure and provides time after school for individual interest development. Lack of letter-grading promotes holistic education and an eagerness to learn.

  3. Unique Educational Approach

    Our experiential curriculum and individualized approach to education creates a strong sense of community where character development and middos are as primary to the curriculum as the textbooks we use. The ultimate result is happy, confident, well-spoken, involved contributors to the Jewish community and greater society.

We Love to Hear from

Our Parents!

If you have feedback or words of praise that you would like to share, please feel free to email us.

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    Ethan & Heather Berner

    “Our daughters have blossomed academically, emotionally and spiritually throughout their years at MTA. The care the teachers display combined with the attitude and approach to education is refreshing and priceless!”

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    Yaakov & Stacey Waldman

    “MTA embodies Chanoch L’naar Al Pi Darko. From the moment our children walked on campus, the administration, rebbeim and teachers saw our children’s strengths and have focused on how to educate them as individuals ever since. Our children leave in the morning excited for school and come home happy every day. MTA is a school that every child deserves to be in: a warm, loving, happy place that instills a love of yiddishkeit and learning every day.”

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    Jeremie and Shaindy Paritzky

    “We could not be happier switching our son to MTA! The small classes make each child feel noticed and cared for. The students truly feel the warmth and love from all the teachers and staff. THANK YOU MTA!!! “