The MTA Approach

We make the school experience...

Educational & Enjoyable

Children, by nature, love to learn. By developing an interactive, dynamic, unpressured, and relaxed academic atmosphere, we strive to optimize the learning experience and make school both educational and enjoyable.

Our academic program is carefully designed to create the ideal environment for teaching and learning both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies. Our ultimate goal is to nurture the next generation of Jewish leaders by molding students into moral, caring, thinking, educated and contributing members of society through the prism of Torah. We believe mastery of material can be accomplished during the school day without the added pressure of tests and homework, giving our students an opportunity to explore extracurricular interests and enjoy family time after school. With small classes, each child gets the attention they need to become independent problem solvers, develop confidence in their abilities and a passion for learning.

Our teachers build on this passion and nurture each child’s individual talents and abilities. As a team, we have created a collaborative, respectful and safe environment which nourishes the mind, builds self-esteem and nurtures the neshama.

Mizrahi Torah Academy

Limudei Kodesh

We instill a love of Hashem and our Torah. All of our academic subjects are taught through the lens of our Mesorah, resulting in happy, accomplished children who are grounded in Torah, compassionate, kind, solution-oriented learners who are passionate about making the world a better place. Learning the love of Yiddishkeit, Torah and mitzvos begins in kindergarten and continues to be the cornerstone of the Limudei Kodesh program throughout our student journey. While content is critical, our emphasis is on teaching skills and continually reinforcing them. We believe through skill mastery, our students will have the ability to pick up a sefer or siddur at any time and study on their own, or even teach others. Independent, motivated learning is our definition of success.

Through text-based learning, our students study Chumash, Navi, Tefilah, Mishna, Gemara, Halacha and Yahadus. But within every subject we teach, we, not only impart knowledge, but also inspire positive middos. How we treat each other in the classroom as well as the chessed opportunities we can offer to the community are inherent in our learning. From Avraham Avinu who taught us the importance of hospitality to our Gedolim who taught by example, we have models to inspire our own behavior in school, at home, and always.

Engage. Challenge. Inspire.

General Studies

These are the guiding principles of our General Studies curriculum. In kindergarten, we lay the foundation of literacy and numeracy by weaving high academic standards with interactive play. Our teachers introduce phonemic awareness and mathematical reasoning skills in an engaging way that complement a child's natural desire to learn and explore.

In elementary and middle school, we focus on building critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Lessons in language arts, including analytical reading, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and writing as well as mathematics, are taught both in groups and individually, allowing for both academic and social growth. By fostering a love of learning through exploration and nurturing a child’s sense of curiosity, we provide a solid educational foundation as well as the instinctive desire to ask questions, research answers, and apply lessons learned to real life situations.

A wide variety of enrichment programs add an interesting dimension to our curriculum and helps identify and develop individual talents and interests. From our specially curated Zoology critters, to Krav Maga, dance, STEM, and gardening, our ever-changing list of enrichment programs are designed to enhance creativity and provide additional opportunities for learning. By fueling our students’ innate curiosity and focusing on their individual strengths, education becomes a lifelong journey.

Chanoch Lana'ar Al Pi Darko

Approach to Learning

Classes are firmly based on the principles of Chinuch, in a way that reaches the neshama of each child and brings out their unique light.

MTA provides an education that focuses on nurturing and educating the whole child, including physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wellness. This supports and encourages them to develop into their best possible selves. Children raised in this environment will grow to develop a love of learning and will in-turn continue on a lifelong journey of personal growth. Our teachers work to establish core values of respect and collaboration while encouraging independence.

Due to our small class sizes, children receive extensive individual attention to assess and support their growth, combined with an environment that encourages intrinsic motivation. Classroom curricula are geared toward specific stages of child development, and our small class sizes bring a sense of belonging and community. Throughout their education at MTA, each child will have the opportunity to develop the life skills necessary to succeed in life as happy, well-grounded, passionate, kind, successful and responsible people.

MTA maintains a very high standard of academic excellence through cultivating the individual creative gifts of each child. We believe in hands-on exploration and experiential learning, rather than spending long hours sitting in desks and memorizing data. Our goal is to instill the skills necessary for children to feel confident, accessing their innate curiosity to learn, and utilizing their skills to do so.

MTA is keenly aware that children learn best through play. Time spend outdoors running, jumping, moving, playing and burning energy are all critically important to a child’s overall well-being and their ability to absorb new information. We offer a healthy balance of indoor and outdoor activities, individual and group learning, textbook and experiential education to promote an environment that is rich in opportunities for academic and personal growth.