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Our Parents!

If you have feedback or words of praise that you would like to share, please feel free to email us.

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    Mrs. Ilana Sabbagh

    [On Distance Learning (after the Corona Virus)]: “The teachers are doing a great job!. My kids still feel connected and in love with their teachers…they are really learning! The personal educational time is essential and is doing so much good for them.”

    “I have to say, my kids are sooooo lucky to be at #MizrahiTorahAcademy. They feel so loved and excited by their teachers. They get 1:1 teacher education every day. They even are providing educational packets for the kids to make projects and start new work. The teachers and school are working really hard to make sure this crazy #zoomschool #homeschoolinsanity is working for parents and kids. I am so grateful to MTA and so are my kids!”

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    Mrs. Natasha Len

    “Be it from a Torah or secular curriculum, MTA works to build your child’s Middos and allows them to be individuals, each with their different strengths and personalities. The staff is kind, respectful, and friendly. It is beautiful to feel their warmth.”

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    Craig & Dawn Edelstein

    “MTA is a loving family environment. The small class size allows for better quality student-teacher relationships. Rather than just being taught Judaism, a love of Judaism is being instilled our son.”

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    Mrs. Amalia Papir

    “Our kids started at MTA this year. They have really loved the environment that the school has created and the smaller class sizes have really benefited our children in many aspects.”

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    Rabbi Yaacov & Sarah Laredo

    “Our daughter has gotten more out of MTA than we could have ever imagined. She has developed so beautifully and her educational level has skyrocketed. The beauty in which she internalizes the lessons has a tremendous positive effect on our whole family.”

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    Stephanie Pollak

    “The advanced and individualized learning reassures me that my son is constantly challenged. The hands-on extra curriculum, which includes gardening, cooking, and woodworking help my child imagine and create. The intergenerational program encourages my son to learn and practice his communication skills while learning life lessons from his elders. And the unique Gedolim class focusing on the giants in our heritage teach the students whom to admire and emulate.”

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    Rabbi Doniel & Devora Bensoussan

    “Attending MTA has resulted in a positive transformation of our daughter’s academic, social, and emotional development through personal attention given by intuitive teachers and a talented administration. MTA creates a loving atmosphere conducive to learning and growth that maximizes each students’ abilities. The individualized curriculum and small class sizes allow our children to take ownership of their learning.”