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    Jeremie and Shaindy Paritzky

    “We could not be happier switching our son to MTA! The small classes make each child feel noticed and cared for. The students truly feel the warmth and love from all the teachers and staff. THANK YOU MTA!!! “

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    Ethan & Heather Berner

    “Our daughters have blossomed academically, emotionally and spiritually throughout their years at MTA. The care the teachers display combined with the attitude and approach to education is refreshing and priceless!”

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    Ido & Karen Kahan
    “At MTA, each of our children are seen holistically as unique individuals with their own souls, valuing them not solely based on their grades or academic achievements, but also considering their Middot, weaknesses, and greatness. The small class sizes and warm environment, in addition to the out-of-the-box curriculum, instill a lot of confidence and a genuine willingness to go to school happily, and that is really what matters to me.”
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    Yaakov & Stacey Waldman

    “MTA embodies Chanoch L’naar Al Pi Darko. From the moment our children walked on campus, the administration, rebbeim and teachers saw our children’s strengths and have focused on how to educate them as individuals ever since. Our children leave in the morning excited for school and come home happy every day. MTA is a school that every child deserves to be in: a warm, loving, happy place that instills a love of yiddishkeit and learning every day.”

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    Michael & Karin Segal

    We originally chose MTA because of the small class sizes and holistic approach to learning, and our expectations have been pleasantly exceeded. We know all the teachers personally and our children are not just names, with grades associated with them. The teachers and staff make our children feel like they are individuals with views and perspectives that matter. Every moment has a learning opportunity without the rigid and sterile approach to traditional schooling. At MTA, our children are engaged to be the best version of themselves, and to use their strengths to excel in learning. Learning in the moment and outside of traditional boundaries makes it feel like school is fun, and fun is what our kids have to say about their experience at MTA.

    I recall in the first year we attended MTA, our daughter would come home every day telling us how much fun she was having and how it felt like every day was an adventure. This was coming from a child that really disliked the idea of school and struggled with conforming to the norms and expectations of the traditional school system, a system that put her in a place where she was timid and shy and challenged with participating and excelling in class. Now our daughter feels at home in school and is able to speak freely and publicly in a classroom setting with confidence and independence.

    This school has been a life saver to us because it’s made school an amazing part of our kids’ lives. It’s really added fulfillment and enrichment to their lives while always keeping a Torah perspective on everything. If any of my friends were looking for a Yeshiva for any of their children, I would not hesitate to recommend MTA to them!”

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