Our MTA Values

A Partnership Between Parents & Teachers

MTA Families

Mizrahi Torah Academy relies on a strong partnership between parents and teachers. While children spend much of their time in school, the foundation of who they are and where they are going begins and gets solidified at home. We work as a partnership with each and every family to guide and foster the middos and character of each child while simultaneously working together to ensure academic achievement.

Mizrahi Torah Academy

Our Expectations of Parents

  1. Involvement

    Our administration and teacher’s take an active role in each child’s individual education, and expect the parents to do the same.

  2. Excellence

    Parents should expect excellence in the school system and be prepared to contribute their time and talents in achieving that goal. By advancing the student’s growth in various subjects or assisting with special programming, we desire parental involvement.

  3. Understanding

    Parents who understand the importance and want their children to have the benefits of a customized education with personalized attention, and creative learning opportunities.

  4. Academics

    Parents who want a strong academic program in both limudei kodesh subjects and secular subjects. We strive for a fully integrated educational program, including enrichment activities as part of our curriculum.

Mizrahi Torah Academy

What You Can Expect From Us

  1. Values

    Children who are firmly grounded in Judaism, confident, compassionate, generous, curious, hard-working, creative, independent, goal-oriented, and kind.

  2. Judaism

    Children who are enthusiastically involved in the service of Hashem, and building a better community and world. Children who embrace the opportunity to jump in and help where needed while striving to make a Kiddush Hashem throughout every interaction.

  3. Academics

    Life-long learners who influence their surroundings with goodness and kindness as they work hard to pursue their own personal and professional dreams, and have been given the skills to do so.

Mizrahi Torah Academy

Our Values

Torah is Life
At MTA, we strive to imbue every subject through the prism of a Torah perspective. All classes focus on educating joyful, capable, team-oriented leaders, who are successful, confident, kind and compassionate members of the Jewish community.

Life Skills
Life-skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, leadership, emotional-management, time-management, and goal setting are equally as important as textbook data, yet are not the only life skills that help develop well-rounded people. Practical skills such as cooking, nutrition, organizing, woodworking, and gardening, assist in exposing the children to various skills that build both their knowledge base and self-esteem.

Instilling Simcha
Through nurturing the whole child - their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being, children feel safe and happiness blossoms. We teach our students self-control and healthy boundaries; guiding students to have respect for themselves and others. We focus on building positive middos through our middos program and reinforce each specific middah throughout each day. Consequences for poor choices and behavior are learning experiences for the future, not punishment. This enables children to feel confident and self-assured which results in happy children.

Proficient Academics
Students often learn faster and perform better in smaller classrooms. At MTA, we help our students strive for excellence by utilizing the small class sizes to guide children through curriculum while teaching independence and group dynamics. Frequent evaluations help us monitor and understand how each child is learning and retaining the lessons they are taught. Through awareness of each child’s strengths and weaknesses, our teachers are able to encourage advancement in their studies without excessive tests. Happy teachers make happy students. At MTA, we work as a cohesive team, creating a supportive working environment thereby cultivating a productive classroom environment. We work to partner with parents to achieve student success. We encourage parents to share their passions, contribute to school activities, and model life-long learning and community building.

Kindness and concern for the welfare of others are a hallmark of the Jewish people. Frequent chesed projects and field trips allow MTA students the opportunity to develop compassion and give back to the community. Whether it’s performing at nursing homes, volunteering at the food bank or participating in our intergenerational program, the children learn the joys of sharing their time with others and building a sense of community. Through our gardening and nutrition programs, the children learn the importance of our environment and how sustainability protects our resources for future generations.